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Grillogames & retro fans welcome you.

I'm sending you back to the 90s when console technology was supposed to set new standards.

These days, the big brands in the industry first had to establish themselves on the market.

This gave rise to countless games that are now considered milestones and pioneers in video game history and have had a strong influence on us as people.

So you can look forward to a wide selection of over 2000 offers.

It doesn't matter whether you want to bring a piece of your childhood home or expand your video game collection.

Whether you're new to the collectors market or trying out something new and old.

Fall in love with one of the many old classics again or simply create the dream of your own retro gaming room.

For me they are golden.

The video game days of my childhood.

My name is Alexander Grillo, I was born on September 22nd, 1993 and live with my family in Sauerland.

My first experience with video games was in early childhood on my sister's Nintendo Gameboy Classic.

The veteran of Nintendo was able to quickly convince me with titles like Super Mario Land, Kirby and Pokemon.

I was particularly fascinated by the heroic adventure of the protagonist Link in The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening,
which was my first contact with The Legend of Zelda series.

Building on this experience, many more unforgettable Zelda classics followed over the years, which were enjoyed with great pleasure.

In addition to the favorite Zelda series, people also played countless other games
from adventure games and role-playing games to jump 'n runs or multiplayer games.

Growing up in a household of 5 with 2 older sisters, over time we owned a wide selection of consoles including the
Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube, Playstation 1 and 2, but also some early handheld consoles such as the Gameboy Color and the Gameboy Advance.

So I played extensively and a lot. My years of activity in the football club created a balance to this.

I pursued both hobbies with equal enthusiasm and ambition.

These days I'm leaving it to my own daughter to be enchanted by the world of video games.

For me, I can say that I have played enough games for two lifetimes.

I am convinced that my intensive experiences with video games have had a positive impact on me
and have not harmed me in any way. Thanks to my parents for making this possible for me.

Thanks also to the woman who supported me on the way here with a lot of tolerance and acceptance,
and my best friend who I can always rely on.

Driven by my ambition and vision to create something unique, my goal today is
to offer you a wide insight into the past of 90s video games.

I am very happy to be able to live this profession.

For me it is a privilege that I pursue with the utmost responsibility.

Grillogames & Retrofans
Grillogames & Retrofans

The hobby becomes a calling

It all started in 2013. I rediscovered my passion for video games, which shaped my childhood.

Starting with collecting games and consoles that you owned as a child, the search radius quickly expanded.

Unknown systems became more interesting, games in better conditions were sought, and extremely rare specimens were hunted.

This slowly led to a steadily growing hobby.

In this context, I founded my small business in 2016, which I ran alongside my training as a warehouse logistics specialist.

The focus split. From now on, expanding my collection took a secondary role and instead the financial aspect took center stage.

There was a need to make a living.

My time during the training and the following was characterized by an increasingly clear and clear view that I had no prospects in the company that would come close to fulfilling my potential.

That's why, shortly after completing my training, I decided to devote myself full-time to retro video games, not least because I was convinced that I belonged in this market.

In 2020 the time had come when I quit my job as a warehouse logistics specialist and set a clear focus on how I wanted to present myself on the market.

I founded the foundation of my company on kindness, honesty and professionalism, with a constant drive for improvement.

This is what I stand for today with my brand and logo as a seal of quality.